Sunday, August 21, 2011

What's going on...

Here it is. I'm working as an artist and getting paid for it. Well, at this moment I'm employed as a Sign Maker at a local health-food store. To do my job, I have to write the signs found around the store. I get the impression that this will be a long-term job, because there are so many signs and I've been told to redo them all in my own style. The goal is consistency, so I need to practice. Also, I've been commissioned to do about 80 pieces of pottery in the next few weeks, so I'm working on that as well. The goal is to maintain $1200 a month so I don't have to work as a substitute teacher as often. Here's hoping!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Industrial Design program

If I were to develop my own industrial design program, here are some things I would require of it:
a program that fosters creativity by rewarding excellence and promoting experimentation
foundation studies--key to any art degree are the basics: drawing composition, color theory, printmaking, sculpture, drawing techniques, 3d design, figure drawing, etc.
research methods
facilitating creative thinking
public speaking
persuasive writing
model and prototype development: from 3d computer models to actual prototypes requiring professional standards of accuracy and finish
mass production considerations (materials and processes)
corporate problem solving scenarios--dealing with real-world clients
development of personal direction
a thesis project

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Apathy in schoolkids

Just got through talking with a friend. He has a 13 year old and we both agreed that there is some apathy in the way middle school kids are approaching the world. I suggested it is at least a little cultural.

Earlier today, one of the 13 year old kids in my class asked, "How old are you?" When I said 36, she said "That's how old my mom is." I am in the parents generation. Are we the reason so many kids are apathetic? Have we (generation x) taught them this approach?

And is there something larger that the kids are tapping into? A general "blah", that comes from expecting the government to give us whatever we want, and comes from being so distant from the land, and comes from the ability to manifest our lives virtually yet without any physical effort.

Welcome to the 21st century.