Saturday, March 21, 2009

Copy Degradation in Religion

In history, it seems that there have been movements to bring religion back to its origins... especially when there is written record, like the Bible, or Koran.

As a religion progresses through time, there is less direct connection with the 'written word'. Someone claims to 'have it' so people follow that person. This is where personal feelings are introduced, and rather than seeking the source, the 'second generation' incorporates the teachings of their [person in touch with God], making an internal 'copy' of the religion.

How many generations (copies of copies) can there be? The thought occurs that someone must have become aware of this degradation, and decided to seek the Source. Thus a revival.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Perspective Transformation

Personal Transformation
(by Jack Mezirow, 1991)

1) a disorienting dilemma;

2) self examination;

3) a critical assessment of internalized role assumptions and a sense of alienation from traditional expectations;

4) relating one's own discontent to similar experiences of others;

5) exploring new ways of acting;

6) building competence and confidence in new roles;

7) planning a course of action;

8) acquiring knowledge and skills for implementing one's plan;

9) provisional efforts to try new roles; and

10) a reintegration into society on the basis of conditions dictated by the new perspective.