Friday, March 6, 2009

Perspective Transformation

Personal Transformation
(by Jack Mezirow, 1991)

1) a disorienting dilemma;

2) self examination;

3) a critical assessment of internalized role assumptions and a sense of alienation from traditional expectations;

4) relating one's own discontent to similar experiences of others;

5) exploring new ways of acting;

6) building competence and confidence in new roles;

7) planning a course of action;

8) acquiring knowledge and skills for implementing one's plan;

9) provisional efforts to try new roles; and

10) a reintegration into society on the basis of conditions dictated by the new perspective.


Sean Benson said...

In summarizing the book "The Anatomy of Revolution" my college sociology teacher Jay Healy said that all revolutions are caused by QUESTIONING LEADERSHIP.

Having not read the book, I can't be sure, but if I suspend disbelief enough, and squint really hard with one eye, this kind of makes sense with the PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION process.

Sean said...

Make that "A SELF-DOUBTING LEADERSHIP" and you get people willing to test the size of their invisible cages.