Saturday, July 4, 2009

Goal in Art

We take in the world and store it symbolically
in our heads. Creating art allows other people
to see the world we see, or how we see it.
It's a very exposing process.
Unfortunately, once the artwork is created
the interpretation is entirely up to the receiver.

My current thought is that the goal in making art is
to create "archetypal" images that register
as pure tones in the symbolic visual brain
and that deliver meaning more directly,
allowing the sender and the receiver
to resonate more strongly.

Need to find a message worth sending.

1 comment:

Sean Benson said...

Language is symbolic. And since our brains store information symbolically, language allows people to pass ideas to each other in an easily "digestible" form.

I don't have to say that not everyone speaks the same visual language, though. What does the image of a mug mean to different people? It's highly subjective, and based on people's different experiences.

So "archetypal images" are supposed to be a common visual language, based on common experiences. I think traffic signs convey information this way.