Friday, October 26, 2012

So here's the background for my question:

When I was 17, my friend Jun gave me these manga and I read them.  And was addicted!  I couldn't wait for the English translations to come out.  Nausicaa was so fierce and loving, and so carried along by the winds that drove her.  I felt admiration and kinship.  And something more.
There are times when Nausicaa says or does something that is very giving of herself, and insightful, and full of clarity and passion for life.  There are other times when those surrounding Nausicaa recognize her as a living a symbol of purity and generosity, someone you would want to protect.  
At these times in the story, I get a feeling that can't be described in English.  I feel a heat in my chest, rising through my throat into my head.  My face gets warm.  It burns almost like tears, but I'm both sad, happy, and serene.  And so overwhelmed!  
In my Japanese history class, the teacher told us a word that has no English translation.  It means ‘having deep sentiment’ but I couldn’t find it online.  A word I think it was similar in strength, but perhaps not the same meaning as I'm looking for, is 'amae' which translates as 'a kind of joy at being completely accepted'.  (What does this amae actually mean?)  
Can you think of a word that conveys the meaning I'm trying to express?  It's a powerful word like amae, only as recognition of the purity and strength within yourself.
In India they have a word 'namaste' which is a greeting that loosely translates as 'the divine within me recognizes the divine within you'.  I am sure this word also has something to do with what  I'm trying to express.
When I read Nausicaa, it’s almost as if the act of recognizing something so good means that there is something pure and right, wonderful and amazing within myself--able to recognize this thing!
And I had forgotten it was there!


Anonymous said...

I have watched the movie. What I can say... this is a thing that will last forever in the mind. A true masterpiece.

Kannan Kumar said...

I found the closest definition of 'Namaste' here. I found it really hard to explain it to my non-Indian friends when they used to ask. Now I can easily explain it to them. Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

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