Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Shrink to Fit

The art of rearranging things to fit into a space.
If there was a word to match that definition, I would have entitled my blog that.

I've been, more or less, cleaning my way through the house.  Currently I'm finding clever ways to stack boxes in the basement and bedroom, since it's easier than thinking about what to throw away.  Generally this process will result in a few extra square-feet of space to stack something else.

Would it be called "puzzle-boxing?"

One might suggest getting rid of the things would be more practical, since this would result in more space, and (more importantly) more time to do things other than puzzle-boxing the junk in the basement.  Yes, dear reader, but what would I do then?  At least with this mind-taxing task, I will be sure to have something engaging to do. . . forever.

Got to run now, stuff's a-waiting.

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