Friday, February 15, 2008

What you eat.

During the week sometime I began running on low energy.  During this time I felt like buying a big screen television and voting for Ron Paul.  What the...?!  It appears I'm highly susceptible to advertising when I'm exhausted.

When I woke up this morning, however, I was alert.  My senses were heightened, and even the slightest movements caught my attention.  Usually I wake up pretty alert, but this was different.  My vision and hearing were acute.  I felt I was prey.  
Then I remembered what we ate for dinner last night: Steak.  It was as if all the body chemicals from the meat had entered my system, and I was feeling things the meat felt before becoming food.  Alert to predators, and looking for my herd.
Something I heard about Druidic folklore said that when you eat of an animal, you take on its traits in some way.  What a  trip! 

Is there any research about this?  And is there a practical use for it?  I smell a great conspiracy theory creeping up!  If we could be kept exhausted and eating lots of bovine meat, we would all be susceptible to advertising and act like herd animals.  

Oh, wait...

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Jillian said...

This is hilarious Sean! Keep up the good work! :)