Thursday, May 1, 2008

Dream about Mapping the 10th Dimension

A "bad guy" was looking for someone to take over the mapping of the 10th dimension project (using a big computer) and found a British man who aparently had no credentials... a janitor of sorts. However, you and I know him as Dr. Who, the hero of our story. He, unfortunately, does not realize his own importance and goes to work for this fellow.

In working, the Dr. produces several artistic chaotic renderings and a diagram of a city. The bad guy asks how he did these so quickly (quicker, his cronies say, than any other computer tech so far), to which the Dr. explains it just came naturally. He did it entirely without the computer, which is still broken.

The bad guy looks at the papers as imaginary rubbish. [I assume the bad guy will throw him out, only to discover the true worth of the drawings later, but we'll never know, will we? 'Cause I woke up!]

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Sean Benson said...

I'm reading Stephen Hawkings A Brief History of Time . A friend who read it once explained the 10th Dimension as the sum total of all the possible possibilities, ever. And before having the dream Stephen Hawking had described his hope of potentially finding a unified theory...and the counter to that hope 'maybe the unified theory is preventing us from finding it.'

All the same, the dream I had was working from the pretext that this was Dr. Who, a "time lord", and his imaginary ramblings might actually depict one of the possible possibilities (And who's to say ours are not? :p